QtPass 1.3

QtPass is a multi-platform GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager.

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QtPass MainWindow

v1.2.3 Baby steps

v1.2.2 Spring cleaning

v1.2.1 Bug fixes

The way QtPass prior to 1.2.1 generates passwords is insecure.

All passwords generated with QtPass's built-in password generator are possibly predictable and enumerable by hackers. The generator used libc's random(), seeded with srand(msecs), where msecs is not the msecs since 1970 (not that that'd be secure anyway), but rather the msecs since the last second.
This means there are only 1000 different sequences of generated passwords.

All passwords that have been generated with QtPass prior to 1.2.1 should be regenerated and changed.

v1.2.0 Has it been a year?

After almost a year of anticipation, finally a new QtPass release.
It's been a hectic year for me in particular with the SHA2017 Badge related madness and other projects. I am however planning on improving QtPass a lot more frequently the coming year.
But it's also been a hectic year for QtPass.

Some highlights from the changes.

Other releases

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