QtPass  1.3.3
Multi-platform GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager.
Pass Member List

This is the complete list of members for Pass, including all inherited members.

boundedRandom(quint32 bound)Passprotected
Copy(const QString srcDir, const QString dest, const bool force=false)=0Passpure virtual
critical(QString, QString)Passsignal
executeWrapper(PROCESS id, const QString &app, const QStringList &args, bool readStdout=true, bool readStderr=true)Passprotected
executeWrapper(PROCESS id, const QString &app, const QStringList &args, QString input, bool readStdout=true, bool readStderr=true)Passprotectedvirtual
finished(int id, int exitCode, const QString &out, const QString &err)Passprotectedvirtualslot
finishedAny(const QString &, const QString &)Passsignal
finishedCopy(const QString &, const QString &)Passsignal
finishedGenerate(const QString &, const QString &)Passsignal
finishedGenerateGPGKeys(const QString &, const QString &)Passsignal
finishedGitInit(const QString &, const QString &)Passsignal
finishedGitPull(const QString &, const QString &)Passsignal
finishedGitPush(const QString &, const QString &)Passsignal
finishedInit(const QString &, const QString &)Passsignal
finishedInsert(const QString &, const QString &)Passsignal
finishedMove(const QString &, const QString &)Passsignal
finishedOtpGenerate(const QString &)Passsignal
finishedRemove(const QString &, const QString &)Passsignal
finishedShow(const QString &)Passsignal
Generate_b(unsigned int length, const QString &charset)Passvirtual
GenerateGPGKeys(QString batch)Pass
generateRandomPassword(const QString &charset, unsigned int length)Passprotected
getRecipientList(QString for_file)Passstatic
getRecipientString(QString for_file, QString separator=" ", int *count=NULL)Passstatic
GitInit()=0Passpure virtual
GitPull()=0Passpure virtual
GitPull_b()=0Passpure virtual
GitPush()=0Passpure virtual
Init(QString path, const QList< UserInfo > &users)=0Passpure virtual
Insert(QString file, QString value, bool force)=0Passpure virtual
listKeys(QStringList keystrings, bool secret=false)Pass
listKeys(QString keystring="", bool secret=false)Pass
Move(const QString srcDir, const QString dest, const bool force=false)=0Passpure virtual
OtpGenerate(QString file)=0Passpure virtual
PROCESS typedefPassprotected
processErrorExit(int exitCode, const QString &err)Passsignal
Remove(QString file, bool isDir)=0Passpure virtual
Show(QString file)=0Passpure virtual
statusMsg(QString, int)Passsignal