QtPass  1.2.3
Multi-platform GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager.

QtPass is a GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager.


Logo based on Heart-padlock by AnonMoos.


From package

OpenSUSE & Fedora yum install qtpass dnf install qtpass

Debian, Ubuntu and derivates like Mint, Kali & Raspbian apt-get install qtpass

Arch Linux pacman -S qtpass

Gentoo emerge -atv qtpass

Sabayon equo install qtpass

FreeBSD pkg install qtpass

macOS brew cask install qtpass

Windows choco install qtpass

From Source


At runtime the only real dependency is gpg2 but to make the most of it, you'll need git and pass too.

Your GPG has to be set-up with a graphical pinentry when applicable, same goes for git authentication. On Mac OS X this currently seems to only work with MacGPG2 from gpgtools or pinentry-mac from homebrew.

On most unix systems all you need is:

qmake && make && make install


This is done with make check

Codecoverage can be done with make lcov, make gcov, make coveralls and/or make codecov.

Be sure to first run: make distclean && qmake CONFIG+=coverage qtpass.pro

Security considerations

Using this program will not magically keep your passwords secure against compromised computers even if you use it in combination with a smartcard.

It does protect future and changed passwords though against anyone with access to your password store only but not your keys. Used with a smartcard it also protects against anyone just monitoring/copying all files/keystrokes on that machine and such an attacker would only gain access to the passwords you actually use. Once you plug in your smartcard and enter your PIN (or due to CVE-2015-3298 even without your PIN) all your passwords available to the machine can be decrypted by it, if there is malicious software targeted specifically against it installed (or at least one that knows how to use a smartcard).

To get better protection out of use with a smartcard even against a targeted attack I can think of at least two options:

Known issues

Planned features

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