QtPass beta

QtPass is a multi-platform GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager.

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QtPass MainWindow

v0.9.2 Informed decisions

v0.9.1 Config with ease

v0.9.0 Feature complete

Now it's time to get more translations in and work out all the platform dependent and git related issues.

v0.8.6 Interoperability and pwgen

v0.8.5.1 Stability and small stuff

v0.8.5 Trigger finger

Pressed the release button a bit prematurely.

v0.8.4 Righteous actions

v0.8.3 Win fixes and TrayIcon

v0.8.2 Wizards and fixes

Release to test out the new wizards for first time users.


v0.8.1 First pre-release test build

QtPass is getting closer to a real release candidate.

So I thought I'd just build a Windows and Mac version for people to try out.


More releases

Linux Compatible Windows 11 Compatible OS X Compatible FreeBSD Compatible