QtPass 1.2

QtPass is a multi-platform GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager.

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QtPass MainWindow


Linux / BSD


Latest stable and git on aur.
pacman -S qtpass
packer qtpass
yaourt -S qtpass

OpenSUSE, Fedora & CentOS

Via OBS and Fedora package db.
yum install qtpass
dnf install qtpass

Debian, Ubuntu and derivates like Kali & Raspbian

In testing, sid and xenial.
apt-get install qtpass


Source build package.
emerge -atv qtpass


Has a nie xbps package.
xbps-install -Su qtpass


One of the first to addopt QtPass packages
nix-env -iA nixos.pkgs.qtpass

Soleus Project

Has a stable package for QtPass.
eopkg install qtpass

Slackware (unofficial)

Via Conraid's Repository.
cd qtpass && chmod +x qtpass.SlackBuild && ./qtpass.SlackBuild


Available as package and in the FreeBSD ports repository.
pkg install qtpass
cd /usr/ports/sysutils/qtpass/ && make install clean


QtPass 1.2.1

Latest stable on the releases page, latest build via AppVeyor.

Via Chocolatey
choco install qtpass


QtPass 1.2.1

Latest stable on the releases page, latest build via AnneJan.

Via Homebrew Cask
brew cask install qtpass


On most *nix systems all you need is:

qmake && make && make install

On Mac OS X:

brew install qt5
brew link --overwrite --force qt5
xcode-select --install
qmake && make && macdeployqt QtPass.app

Currently seems to only work with MacGPG2

Read up on recent changes

Linux Compatible Windows 10 Compatible OS X Compatible FreeBSD Compatible